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Blocks Board and Vaneer

Block Board and Veneer


 3 layers block board



Long grain core covered with one layer of cross-grain veneer sheet on each side with parallel grain.

The two layers of veneer are exclusively in poplar with a minimum total thickness of about 1.5mm up to 4.2mm or can covered with layer of MDF 2.3mm in thickness.

-Density: 390kg/      

-Sizes: Mm,1220 x 2440   


Mm, 16 - 18 - 22 - 25 - 30 - 35 – 42

Other thickness on request


Also for 5 layers block board covered with different kinds of veneer (Oak, Beech, Walnut, Mahogany …etc.) or covered with laminate (Formica-Finish foil)



 Veneer is available from poplar logs, American and European Oak and others kinds of veneer.