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We are specialized in natural wood floor (strip floors, engineered parquet floors, and engineered floors.

Having solid wood flooring throughout your home can really make a difference, even if you're on a budget. Not only do you get the traditional beauty of real wood flooring, you also get practical advantages such as lasting good looks, stain resistance, easy to clean, warm to the touch, hygienic and dust free making it especially good for allergy sufferers.

Our wood floor made from all types of major forestry wood species such as Oak, Walnut, Pine, Mahogany and Beech.

One of the most important factors is wood floor manufacturing is the moisture content control. All products are KILN DRY (KL) 

Our experience says the drying of wood is a very important step. Our 30 years' experience in wood industry has made it possible for u to understand what is the most suitable moisture content for each species of wood to produce an excellent quality floor.

Engineered Parquet flooring
1- Engineered parquet flooring is made using the finest marquetry technology and hand crafted to give the finest appearance ever seen on a parquet floor. The beauty of these tiles is that they come ready made on panels and sanded and unfinished ready to oil or lacquer once installed.
2- The panels fit together perfect and come with 4 sides grooved. This ensures that you can fit the tiles and direction and the loose tongues for the boards are supplied with the flooring.
The construction of the panel is made up to the hardwood top layer (1mm : 12mm) and block board or plywood core construction base of 12mm
-Dimensions         20mm thick x 400mm x 400mm
        20mm thick x 450mm x 450mm
        20mm thick x 500mm x 500mm
        20mm thick x 750mm x 750mm .. or as request
-corners and borders
3- There are matching borders and corners are made of the same construction of the parquet floor.
Solid wood flooring
When you step onto any real solid wood flooring, you will appreciate the warm and inviting color tones. Not only you
get the traditional beauty of wood but you also gain practical advantages, such as:

§  Long lasting good looks

§  Warm to the touch

§  Warm feeling in cold zones

§  Stain resistance

§  Hygienic and dust free

§  Easy to clean.

We have a large range of wood floors with a variety finishes and size including woods such as: Oak, Beech, Teak, Walnut, Pine, Wangi and Mahogany.


All our solid wooden boards come in a range of thickness 9mm to 22mm thick (22mm the most popular).

- Width

With such a huge selection of plank widths to choose from it is impossible to list them all however our narrow boards start at 40mm wide up to 170mm wide – often depending on the size of the room.


Engineered Flooring


Engineered flooring is a versatile wood flooring alternative because of its stability wood always expands and contracts across the width of the planks when subjected to changes in humidity and temperature.

When our engineered flooring is constructed the layers of wood are stacked in opposite directions which cause them to counteract each other's movements when humidity and temperature changes occur.

This cross ply construction method creates a floor product that is dimensionally stable. Therefore, it can be installed over concrete slabs below grade, as well as anywhere else in the home. 

This product has many advantages such as:

§  Durable


Solid top layer allows sanding and refinishing to be done up to four times (deepens on the thickness of the top layer)


§  Dimensional stability


The unique engineered process reduces expansion and contraction during fluctuation in humidity and temperature.


§  Easy installation


It can be glued to any sub floor; concrete, tile or over special pad of thickness 2mm.


§  Easy care


Engineered hardwood floors are hygienic, long-lasting and easy to clean and maintain. You can dust mop, vacuum and wipe with a damp mop or cloth as needed.